Surpassing bending abilities with DURMA Panel Bender

Access Machinery, Canadian equipment supplier based in Vaughan (ON), is proud to announce its latest member of  DURMA inventory, the BlueBend PB4 Panel Bender : Ergonomic, Automated and Flexible.

After nearly 10 years of engineering and continuous R&D improvement, The latest generation BlueBend PB4 ensures precision and high quality for final product.

Bending force is controlled by dynamic electro-mechanical actuators creating a perfect ‘’Bending Orbit’’.

The ‘’C-Shaped’’ Manipulator & Centering Device are designed to process automatically and manipulate materials with a maximum length of 130’’ (3300mm) and height of 10’’ (254mm).

DURMA BlueBend Panel Bender series easily delivers variety of Bending types (Positive bends, Negative Bends, Smash bends, Air bends, Hidden bends).

Patented  crowning holder device ensures precise and linear bending on different materials such as Inox, aluminum, DC01 and thicknesses.

The integrated working table facilitate the flow & manipulation of sheet metal.

PB4 is equipped with an Automatic Tool Set up (ATS), servo motor and pneumatic driven, and is performed automatically accordingly to bending requirements, eliminating  manual tooling set-up, waste and corrections resulting in Cycle time optimization.

BlueBend PB series is the ideal bending center solution for flexible line. It can be equipped with different options and automated systems to suit any production needs, depending on level of automation required (REFC, PPS, PES, NPF…), guaranteeing a maximum adaptability and versatility.

Available as stand alone panel bender system or can be fully integrated in one continuous manufacturing line with other fabricating equipment ( turret punch, laser/punch or laser).

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