Quebec City Salon Industriel 2018 Access Machinery

Access Machinery attends SIQ2018 Industrial Show to introduce Metal Fabrication Equipment

Mississauga, ON – Access Machinery announced that their experts had attended the SIQ 2018 Trade Show – Salons Industriels du Québec in October of 2018. The SIQ 2018 is one of the best events the company has participated in paving way for more business relationships and agreements for the company. Access Machinery is set to make new strides in the fabrication equipment industry as a result of the industrial trade show.

SIQ2018 is a truly amazing platform for manufacturers from various industries to showcase their products to a wider audience. Many industry experts, distributors and consumers attended the SIQ2018. With the help of expert information and guidance, Access Machinery was able to position their products as the best in its category.

While the SIQ 2018 was the first time experience of Access Machinery in running an industrial trade show in Quebec, the team in attendance confirmed that they felt welcome and were able to network with many experts and distributors.

“The company met owners, engineers, production people who are the key people for our business. We were happy to introduce our fiber laser metal cutting machines, press brakes, plasma and punching equipment, Our team was able to foster business relationships with many of these officials which would be nurtured in the process of time for business dealings.”

Irina Solovianenko

Managing Director and Spokesperson – Access Machinery

About Access Machinery

Access Machinery is a North American distributor and service provider for metal fabrication equipment. They are partners with global leaders in sheet metal fabrication. The company is known for service, quality and value for their metal fabrication equipment in Canada and USA.

Over the years of being in business, they have strived to ensure that they bring the best products and services to their customers. With the current leadership of the company, they were able to lead the industry with innovative technologies, high quality equipment, and exceptional customer service.

Access Machinery provides the best fiber laser, punch, plasma machines, press brakes, shears and surface finishing for the manufacturing needs of companies. They also have trained personnel who are highly skilled to deliver, install, serve and maintain all the equipment. All of their machines are coming with a long term warranty.

Access Machinery offers durable, efficient, versatile and affordable equipment solutions for enterprises of all sizes. For inquiries about any of their products or services, visit the web-site and contact their sales and technical team over the phone at toll-free number. They are always available and eager to assist Customers’ needs.

Access Machinery officers and technicians are always on the road visiting existing installations and meeting potential new Customers. However, for those who would like to meet with them personally, they will either go to the customer or invite them to their conveniently located office at 6500 Silver Dart Dr # 305, Mississauga, ON, L5P 1A2, Canada. Contact them via phone at 1-888-908-6070, or via email at