New and smart solution in sheet bending

Expanded production line according to your production capacity


  • Fully Automatic Bending Center with the Servo System
  • PPS-Automatic Loading and Unloading System
  • The automatically adjustable vacuum transport system according to all sheet sizes
  • The Pneumatic Sheet Separation System
  • Thickness Measurement System
  • 3 kinds of stacking facilities in Loading and Unloading System; Fixed, Single, Double Carriage
  • Reference System
  • 4.5 kW energy consumption

Ready for bending process in complete production with punch or laser combination.

Loading and Unloading System Axis Data

X Axis Y Axis Z Axis
Dimension 4650 mm 6033 mm 3630 mm
Stroke 3160 mm 4350 mm 1200 mm
Speed 1,8 m/s 1,6 m/s 0,8 m/s

Smart Solutions for Production Planning

  • Operator intervention has been removed in all product processes
  • The fully automatic bending process
  • Quality production
  • Clear data on time and cost calculations in the product production process
  • Control from the beginning of production with thickness measurement and sheet separation options
  • Angular and linear stability in bending


  • It consumes 25-30% less energy than its competitors due to 4.5 kW energy consumption.
  • Automatic loading and unloading system enables the serial production system to be started.
  • In the process from raw material to final product, operator intervention is removed, material and time loss is prevented.
  • Parts are loaded automatically with reference system and workforce loss is prevented.
  • With 3-axis Cartesian robots, the part is positioned in the appropriate position and time wasting is avoided during the
    positioning process.
  • Thanks to the Automatic Transportable Vacuum Transport System, all parts can be transported without any loss.
  • Due to the stacking system with 3 options in the Loading and Unloading System, part placement on the wagons can be
    determined depending on the operation.