Laser Automation – It should be considered in every Laser Purchase

Today’s Laser systems are faster than ever, especially when machines reach into the high kWs such as the 12kW Laser that Access Machinery can deliver.

While all the excitement and attention is focused around Laser kW for productivity, all that extra speed must be supported by quick and efficient offloading quick enough before the sheet cycle is over. Cycle times down to a couple of minutes are becoming common with modern Laser systems and if the Laser is waiting for an operator to load the sheet manually – you would agree the productivity from high speed cutting is jeopardized.

Enter Access Machinery’s Laser automation built by Durma. Laser automation will unlock the true potential of a new Laser system. The Rapid Server automation series works immediately as the Laser cutting starts by removing cut parts and preparing the next sheet all at once, allowing for cycle times as low as a minute to process uninterrupted. For more capacity, The Rapid Tower series stores multiple material batches above the machine which allows for hours of uninterrupted, unattended operation.

Laser automation systems can be built tailor made to many requirements, including Larger bed sizes up to 6020 (240” x 80”) or configurations that more economical on space. Automations layouts include “H” configurations (Horizontally installed) or “V” configurations (Vertically Installed). Sheets may be loaded onto the automation by placing the material skid directly on, or sheets can be “de-palletized” to allow for more sheet capacity. Access Machinery offers plenty of flexibility on automation systems.

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