HD – TC Seam Detection Sensor will be your eye!

With the newly developed Sewing Detection feature in
DURMA HD – TC machines, your workload is further reduced

The Seam Detection sensor attached to the HD – TC machines detects the stitched surface when the pipe is loaded on the machine and provides the ability to rotate the operator’s cut holes at any angle.

In existing HD-TC machines, the cutting operation is performed automatically regardless of the seam surface of the pipe side profile coming from the loading unit.

The newly developed Seam detection feature detected the seam of the pipe which be cut before the machine is cut; the operator can visually repair the parts by changing the angle of the internal contours which will be cut off depending on the wishes of the operator.


  • Less operator job
  • Reduced error posibility
  • The best result as soon as possible
  • Increased quality for visual parts