DURMA HRB-4 Roll Bending Machine

HRB-4 Series Plate Rolls
“Fast, Accurate and Easy to Operate”

Four plate rolls are more precise, productive, versatile, faster, safer and easier to operate than three roll machines.
They are less dependent on operator competence.
Ideal for bending plates up to 200 mm thick.

  • Fast and Reliable
  • Efficient Cycle Times
  • User Friendly, Easy to Operate
  • Increased Productivity
  • Up to 200 mm Bending Thickness

General Specifications
· Up to 8000 mm Bending Lenghts
· Up to 200 mm Bending Thickness
· Accurate, Easy to Operate, Fast and Reliable
· Flat zone of the part is minimized
· Pre-bending, conical bending and ellipse bending can be done easily
· Double pre-bends (both ends) in one pass
· The sheet reference is maintained by tightening of top and bottom rolls
· Most desirable bending operation for CNC applications
· More efficient for cycle times
· Hydraulic and electrical systems have been safeguarded from overloading and require minimum maintenance.
· Hydraulic and electrical components are modual and designed according to world standards