DURMA HD FL 6020 Fiber Laser

Control Panel

The Sinumerik 840DSL CNC controller is an efficient 64-bit microprocessor system with an integrated PC. The controller has a Durma operator interface
and a complete cutting database for all standard cutting applications. The database includes the cutting parameters for standard materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) for common thickness ranges. Based on these reference values the operator can easily improve the cutting quality for different types of materials.

  • The laser power is controlled as a function of the path, velocity, time and travel
  • 6 MB expanded user memory
  • External memory option

CAD/CAM Software Lantek – Metalix

  • Advanced optimisation: tools optimisation
  • Fast tool way collision protection. Toolway optimisation to prevent damage from possible deformed material
  • Writings supported by your operating system can be applied directly on the material to be cut
  • Cutting direction, clockwise or opposite is supported
  • Advanced corner applications provide perfect corners and soft cutting.
  • Fillets, cooling, slowing down, circulation
  • Shared Cuttings: This function is especially useful for thick plates and reduces the need of marking holes during cutting
  • Automatic entry point
  • Fully automatic cutting
  • Z-Axis control