DURMA Develops DRM Bending Angle

Make Your Machine Smarter with DRM

*This product, which was developed for the first time in the world, was patented by Durmazlar Machinery.

Measurement System for Plate Roll Machines

  • By means of an extra sensor adapted to the machine, it is possible to reach the targeted values automatically by means of automatic correction algorithm by measuring the radius of the bending materials.
  • In addition to the automatic correction, the real-time measurement operation in Manual mode allows the operator to reach the target on the workpiece on the machine without any measurement.
  • This situation significantly reduces the time losses in the production process by preventing occupational accidents.


Via DRM Bending Angle Measurement System

  • Obtain desired radius without operator intervention.
  • Errors caused by operator are eliminated.
  • Prevent work accidents.
  • More precise results are obtained in the part measurements.
  • Material and time loss are eliminated.