Smart, Flex, Blue

DURMA Panel Bender, designed with high technology to increase efficiency on precise part bending.

Quality approved components used.

Stress relieved made on bodies for long life and precise bending.

Bending Area

The bend occurs by negative and positive bending with the sheet bending tools compressed by the holder tools.
A minimum approach to the bending axis is achieved by bending and pressing tools with special geometries.

Reference Pins – Centering Device

The centering device by the reference pins are points of where we adjust the currect position of the sheet metal (unfold part) before manipulator clamps hold.

LUD – Loading / Unloading Device

Loading – Unloading Device pushs the part which finished all of bending operations on it outside of the working area. In the same time it can bring the new unfold part center of the working area.

Standart Bending Tools

Bending performance increased using with high quality holding and bending tools .
DURMA is your solution partner with various tool options.

ATS – Automatic Tools Set-Up

In order to bend components with different dimensions the upper tool needs to be changed; the option ATS make this operation automaticly.

The mechanism in the central holder device changes the combination of tools for fine variation, the two side robots change the coarse composition and move the end tools.

Manipulator – Clamp

Manipulator is the system that provides the man gement of the clamping the incoming sheet from the loading area between the lower and upper clamps. The sheet pressed between the clamps is first referenced by being imposed on the pins on the centering device, then cla ps the twist according to twist steps.

LUS – Loading / Unloading System

The loading unloading system has a ergonomic consept that allows you to put on the bending part from the front of the loading site. The benden part which prepared for the bend allows you to take from the bottom of the part area.

AHD– Auxiliary Holder Device

Auxiliary holder device is a very useful option that permit to automatically change during bending cycle the geometry of the upper tool with an alternatively one when needed, increasing the flexibility of the machine in bending capability. This option with its accessories is used to make partial bend, narrow profile deep bend, panel with embossing, hidden negative bend and more.

The AHD allows to automatically changing the geometry of the upper tool with an alternatively one when needed.

The option consist in a long bar (according to the machine size) moved by 2 arms. There are 2 basic positions. The “stand by” position of the bar is on the upper side of the machine. The bar working position is placed under the upper tools by a junction system. The bar is prepared to contain all different type of tooling that have to be easily manually set up according to the components.

ABD – Auxiliary Bending Device

This device is a very useful option that enlarge the bending capability of the machine.

This option with its accessories is used to make bend internal the pannel contour,corner junction, partial bend, irregulary shaped panels and more.

This option is located inside the C-frame and consists of four carriages sliding on linear guides parallel to the bending line and moved independently by two servomotors. The movement is made by belt driving system, precise and reliable.

Every pair of carriage can moves from one side to the other covering all the machine length.

Control Panel

The Sinumerik 840DSL CNC controller is an efficient 64-bit microprocessor system with an integrated PC. The controller has a Durma operator interface and frame bending database for all standard bending applications. The database includes the bending parameters for standard materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) for common thickness ranges. Based on these reference values the operator can easily improve the bending quality for different types of materials.


Easy to Use Bending Management

Blue Bend Cam
  • Step by step easy programming.
  • Creating program directly from DXF Drawing.
  • 14 Different material type.
  • For every each standart, totally 278 different metarial name.
  • Sheet thinksness and folio option definitions.
  • Editing, cleaning on DFX Drawing.
  • Automatic detection for bends, part floor, bending sides.
  • Definition and editing for loading parameters, shiftings can be done if necessary.
  • Referencing can be easly done with visual objects.
  • Parametric corrections can be done if necessary.
  • Positive, negative, auxiliary, smash bend, big radius and air bend can be created with on click.
  • Holder device tool management can be done.
  • Recenter, cartesian, reposition can be done.
  • Auxiliary tool composition can be done.
  • Collision detection and machine simulation can be done.
  • Bending scenerio can be followed step by step.
  • Bending definition window.
  • Bending simulation.
  • Bending program can be exported.
  • All settings, bend can be saved and reused.

User-Friendly interface and 2D

Blue Bend
  • New bending programs can be added to tasklist, production counts can be setted, different parts can be produced.
  • Bending programs can be loaded from machine memory of USB memory stick.
  • Bending programs which are placed in the machine memory, can be viewed as folder tree.
  • The part which will be bended can be previewed.
  • Passing throungh bending can be done.
  • Machine axis positions can be viewed online with machine simulation.
  • Tool composition can be managed and previewed online.
  • Machine switch and sensor can be viewed and managed online.
  • Movement, axis, setup etc.
  • Parameters of machine can be edited, backuped, exported