DURMA Blue Bend PB2280



  • Full Servo-Electric System
  • Full Automatic
  • Stabil Process (HQ Bend)
  • Clever Consumption
  • Rapid Setup
  • DURMA Panel Bender, designed with high technology to increase efficiency
    on precise part bending.
  • Quality approved components used.
  • Stress relieved made on bodies for long life and precise bending.

Bending Area
The bend occurs by negative and positive bending with the sheet bending tools compressed by the press tools.
A minimum approach to the bending axis is achieved by bending and pressing tools with special geometries.

Reference Pins – Centering Device
The centering device by the reference pins and pusher are points of where we adjust the currect position of the sheet metal (unfold part) before manipulator clamps hold.

LUD – Loading / Unloading Device
Loading – Unloading device push the part which finished all of bending operations on it outside of the working area. In the same time it can bring the new unfold part center of the working area.