DAM/Angle Measurement System

Let’s explore Artificial Intelligence with DURMA innovative perspective!

Within the scope of philosophy for DURMA artificial intelligence DAM(Angle Measurement System) system will be a proper solution for end user both in Turkey and the World with minimum failure maximum efficiency and maximum cost benefits.

DAM; was developed for DURMA press brakes, It is an option developed in order to obtain the desired bending angle without making experiments.

DAM system saves every bending step’s springback distance. When you make a new bending on same sheet, system remembers that distance and uses it without making a measurement again. In this way, bending process will be faster and error range will be decreased.


  • Measuring sensitivity is -/+ 0.5 °.
  • DAM works only with Cybelec and Delem control units.
  • The system working range is between 70 ° with 160 °.
  • The system can measure a width of 20mm from out of the lower tool
  • The system’s measurement range is between 90mm with 280mm.


  • True bending without operator’s intervention.
  • Provides the target angle with single bending.
  • Prevents material and time loss.