Baykal BLS-N Neo 3015/3000 Fibre Laser Cutting Machines

Access Machinery FabTech Canada 2018 Journal

BLS-NEO fiber laser cutting offers the best solution to the user for cutting quality, precision, high cutting speed and low cost in cutting of fine material. It is possible to obtain these features at all high cutting speeds. BLS-NEO makes it possible to cut big or special size plates and offers competitive performances against similar fiber laser cutting machines in the industry.

The Baykal BLS-N “NEO” range of large format, high power laser cutting systems takes sheet and plate cutting to a new dimension. Large format material can now be processed at feed rates previously only seen in smaller systems. Traditionally large format machines have utilised slower, less accurate, rack and pinion drive systems, forcing users to reposition plates to allow cutting of larger material sizes. The traditional design falls short in both cutting speed and accuracy and reduces production performance.

The BLS-N “NEO” uses a new design, high performance class ,rack and pinion system to ensure positional accuracy, and its modular format allows for systems to be offered in sizes from 3000mm x 1500mm up to 3000mm x 12000mm plate capacity. With the use of fibre laser technology there is no need to move the laser source or plate, therefore allowing high speed, high accuracy cutting; coupled with dual pallet changer with shuttle table maximum production is ensured throughout.