Advantages of Durma Electric press Brake

Press Brakes enter the 21st Century with Fully Electric Rams

Press Brakes are always thought of as the most basic of a sheet metal processing system – a Ram moves up and down to create bends on a part. Innovation is no longer required here, right? Here at Access Machinery, we strongly argue otherwise.

Fully Electric press brakes are the Pinnacle of innovation in press brake technology. These systems require no oil, use significantly less power, and are incredibly accurate. The advantages don’t stop there, take a standard hydraulic brake for example, due to the nature of hydraulic oil as time goes on it breaks down and changes the accuracy of the ram. All those issues are removed when two powerful electric servos are coupled to the ram – there’s no power or accuracy loss due to fluid properties or thermal conditions.

Access Machinery’s AD-ES Electric Press Brake offerings start small at 1.2M (49”) or can be as large as 2.5M (100”). Press Brake systems can be equipped up to 7-axis, or 4-axis when observing the highly accurate backgauge. These systems can also be equipped with a Wila automatic clamping system which allows for fast tool changes, complimenting the fast ram stroke speeds.

Press Brake innovation allows us to equip the machine with DAM (Durma Angle Measuring) which feeds angles measurements back to the available 3D touch control to automatically correct the spring-back of bent parts – reducing waste from different material batches and simplifying first off parts.

You can count on Access Machinery to offer machines with the very best in technological innovation

Andrew Vicente

Applications Specialist, Access Machinery


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